Monday, 4 October 2010


Finally I've got some energy and TIME to say write a post here! I've been so incredibly busy. The exhibition is on Friday and I'm almost ready with everything..almost. I hope you can wait a few days more to see pictures of my work:) The invitation cards came today, very late.

The reason why I started to work on the exhibition so late was all the bad things going on, me not feeling so well, stress, exhaustion etc. + daytime work. (more about that later).
ALL is better now and I'm super excited about the exhibition!! Don't know if I even mentioned that I'm sharing the gallery space with my friend Johanna, who is a photographer, she's great and I'm happy to have her by my side:)


I saw I wrote about sharing the space before and that the opening was going to take place 25th of October! Well as you now know, it's on this Friday the 8th.


rosanna said...

jaaa va kul det här ska bli, hoppas jag kan komma! kanske vi hinner med lite storasyster-lillasyster tid också:) <3

Saga said...

vad fint att allt är mycket bättre, och skoj med utställning! ser fram emot att få se lite bilder. lycka till med sista spurten!

griffen said...

i love when leaves fall on the ground and the sound it makes when you crunch them with your shoes.

barbarabeesblog said...

Its good to hear, that you're feeling better now. I'm curios about your exhibition, can't wait to see pics of it. Wish you good luck!

BigMama said...

Bra jobbat Maria :) Jag hoppas din första vernissage följs av många fler, så jag också kan komma, kramar <3

linnea said...

Oj vad spännande! Vi kommer gärna på vernissagen. :) (bara vi får våra andra fredagsplaner flyttade)
Jätte fina kort!
Lycka till med slutspurten! Snart får du pusta ut och börja träna med mig. ;)