Thursday, 29 July 2010

White floor

The floor is almost finished. 1 and a half room more. A lot of work but I like the result. It's white!
Me in the kitchen with a quick homemade skirt, you see all the seams and threads but I like it:)

+ I'm so in love with this wallpaper from Cole & Son:
Palm Leaves
I'm sure it's better in real life. Do you have it on your wall, is it as great as I think??


rosanna said...

ja de blir ju så snyggt, helt som en annan lgh:)

whitney said...

cute skirt. i tried to make one once - yours turned out much better!
i like the floors too. i want to have some like this someday.

Anonymous said...

Kaunis lattia!


sunkentreasure said...

love the skirt, looks lovely on you!

sunkentreasure said...
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jenna said...

completely gorgeous floor, maria!