Wednesday, 14 July 2010

At the quarry

Quarries, a little scary right? Me and my sisters went to this quarry this evening, wanted to swim. First we searched for another place in the forest that we did not find, so we went to this place instead.
Nice one but it looked a bit dangerous. Although one of my sisters has swum there before. Apparently someone had been there before us and left an untouched pizza on the edge!

No swimming, just pictures.

PS. I'm now going to fill my foodblog list, thank you all for great tips;)


Anonymous said...

The pictures are beautiful.
I would be scared to swim there after seeing the untouched pizza. It's a little creepy.


rosanna said...

trevligt va de!
får jag sno en bild av dig?;)

when skies are grey said...

In college we had a beautiful quarry nearby with a 40 foot jump. I only did it once (the big ledge) and broke a rib when I hit the water! Thanks for the pics, I always love to see what your side of the world looks like :)

Big Mama said...

Ser lite farligt ut! Tur att jag inte visste om att ni var och simmade på ett sådant ställe!! Big Mama