Sunday, 11 July 2010

On the ferry back..

I had no time for blogging during the week either - now here's a short update!
My days in Stockholm was super..I don't wanna go back home. One week of vacation goes way too fast.

Will post more pictures of my trip tomorrow! Now I'm stuck on the ferry for 6 more hours.

How was your week?


schorlemädchen said...

oh i look forward to seeing more pictures Maria...I think Stockholm is so great...but it will take some time until I can make it there again...
I had a good week it is boiling here in Germany..sooo hot....but it is great to have time off to organize eveything for the big move...HI! : )

sunkentreasure said...

looking forward to more pics :-)


Pia said...

Maria! Min loma börjat och jag bara chillar, e sååå i behov av det här. KRAM Ses i Vasa ;)