Friday, 10 July 2009


I'm back! We had a great time in Zürich, I wanna go back!! It was so nice to see my friends and of course the city again.

More pictures to come tomorrow!


sophia said...

va fin bild på rasmus! och dom andra e också riktigt snygga!

emma said...

roligt att ni va här! kom snart igen, vill spela ciao sepp!

lisen said...

waw! inte det allraste vanligaste stället o se bilder ifrån?! Roligt!

epe said...

great photos! looks like a fantastic and sunny trip!

Rynke said...

Zurich is one of these places I wouldn't really think of to go to, but it's so beautiful! Thanks for shwoing! I will def. keep this pretty city in mind.

Anonymous said...

wow, what is that in the background of your first picture? is it a building?

Great pictures! Zurich seems beautiful! and that salad looks delicious!

asphaltandair said...

so nice to see the city where i live through your eyes!
and of course it was even nicer to meet you live and in person!
i had a great time.
hopefully you'll make it back to Zurich sometime soon. or who knows, maybe i'll make it to finland?!

Maria said...

sophia, :) kul att du gillar!

emma, jag vill! vi måste spela det då ni kommer hit:) tack igen, vi hade superkul!

lisen, nej det stämmer! det är en kul och mysig stad värt ett besök eller två:)

epe, thank you! the weather was great the first few days but got bad the last days. but it didn't matter, we had a great time anyway:)

rynke, that's true! I was sceptical when I went there the first time but the city is lovely:) you should definitely go there if you get the chance!

yukester, it's a sculpture outside the artmuseum, so not a building:) but that would've been cool!

asphaltandair, it was so nice to meet you too!! I'll let you know when we're coming there again. and it would be great to see you in finland:)

Anonymous said...