Friday, 24 July 2009

Yesterday we were involved in swedish artist Mattias Olofssons project that he's doing while working as Artist in Residence at Platform. Don't know exactly what the project is about but he used clothes, blankets and other things with a certain pattern on. The pattern is very popular in some communities in and around the finnish countryside. It will be exciting to see the end result in a few weeks.

Have a good Friday!

Update: I mean, he was taking pictures of us. In that case we were involved..


Karolina said...

I can never wait for things like this. you never expect the result of ones work, it lives only in the authors imagination until it's finished. and yes, when I'll be all healed up I'll show my tattoo! can't wait but I'm still a bit nervous..

lots of sparks

louise said...

What fun it will be to see the results.

Lisen said...

wow! vill se!