Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Our hall...sigh, the old wallpaper is still there. I've been wanting to take it down and paint the walls for so long. Hope we'll find time to do it soon. I'm unsure about the colour though. All the other walls are white but we're thinking of painting the these walls a different colour.
What do you think, which colour?

Now-> work.

Have a nice day!


Ruan :-) said...

Mmmmh, a light purple like Lavender blends really well with white, plus it's allegedly relaxing :-D

gracia said...

Ah, what colour to paint... I love making such decisions. I recommend looking at many, many paint chip cards and deciding upon one that you like both the colour of and the name. The walls in our bathroom are 'Seed Pearl' and that feels much nicer to me somehow.

Happy deciding.

outi said...

ohoi! your blog has a changed during i was away, looks really good! and lots of familiar places in the photos, i was also in Zurich just some weeks ago:)

and guess what, i`m just painting our walls in the entry.. with a pale blue. in the other room we have a colour like light milk coffee. that`s also nice colour, i think.
it`s always nice to think about the colours, but not so easy to make a decision;)

Anonymous said...

Hiekan sävy? Tai kenties mattamainen hopean harmaa? Ihastuin jälkimmäiseen siinä määrin että maalaan keittiön ja kodinhoitohuoneen välitilat hopeisiksi (Tikkurilan taika).


louise said...

I'm all for colour and plenty of it. Have fun choosing.

Karolina said...

I made a promise to myself that when I have my own place not one wall will remain white. so good luck choosing the one that will suit you most :)



emma said...

hallah! böckerna tog tyvärr slut, men vad pinigt, jag fattade helt fel o blandade visst ihop dej med en annan maria. ursäkta mig allra mjukast. eller .. hade jag likadant kommentarsfält uppe o skrev fel komentar i fel? I DUNNO! Felåt felåt. Du är ju DU! (:

Lisen said...

å vad fint det ser ut det man skymtar...!! :D

väggfärg..förutom den vita som är lätt, annars nån slags dov mintgrönturkos kansche? finns ju massa fina. ska bli kul o se vare bliver!

P.K said...

a colour that welcomes you home

parisa mahmoudi said...

Happy to find your blog!!!
It's sooo fantastic! :)
Have a lovely color time

Anonymous said...

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