Sunday, 15 February 2009


Our party on Friday was so much fun! Many people came by and the mood was on top! It was so dark in there so most of the pictures I took are almost completely black. But here are a few. The last two pictures are taken by our friend Johan:)

Tonight I'm going to plan what things/clothes to keep and not keep when we're going to move! Again the same procedure..but I like it :) I hope we can make the new place much more tidy and not too much stuff laying around.


smnp said...

Grattis så mye med studio og leilighet!!Så gøy!:)

gracia said...

Looks swell... & all the best with the sort out and move... how thrilling!

Lisen said...

kul bilder!

verkar som ni ska flytta snart?!
spä-nnan-de! :D

Fine Little Day said...

Ser ut som ni hade kul :)