Friday, 3 October 2008

So grey

..but it doesn't matter! It's finally weekend and I'm gong to enjoy it.

Have a good weekend:)


Esti said...

you always find a color spot in a grey day

lisen said...

bojarna ser ut som äpplena i tidigare inlägget :) fint!


trevlig helg!

Alice said...

i love the last pic :) nice contrast :)

maria said...

esti, oh yes you do:)

lisen, ja det stämmer ju! haha boj-paj låter inte dumt:) ge mig receptet! hoppas du själv har en trevlig helg:)

alice, :) thanks!

parisa mahmoudi said...

I love your choices of things that there are around you.Have a nice weekend Maria.

emma said...

Hei, you've been tagged!

(but no pressure, only play along if you want to)

Diana said...

It's beautiful to have the last two photos of this post and the first of the last one on the screen.
Wonderful spots of red!