Monday, 6 October 2008

Eleven details

I was tagged by Emma! Here it goes,

1. Clothes shop – I love to "dig" in fleamarkets! Fancy shops like Helsinki10 in Finland, Tjallamalla in Sweden and Fizzen in Zürich, Switzerland (often too expensive for me...) And I actually like H&M.

2. Furniture shop – The fleamarket again but it's easy to go to Ikea..

3. Sweet – Salty liquorice!

4. City – Zürich, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Helsinki. I wanna go to Barcelona, Reykjavik, New York and Tokyo.

5. Drink – Red wine

6. Music – I listen to a mix of indie and electronical music right now..Devendra Banhart, Beirut, Múm, Ladyhawke, Hercules & Love Affair, Cut Copy, Miami Horror and soooooo on!

7. TV Series – I watch tv very seldom but last year I was hooked on Dexter..

8. Film – The Fall, Control, Napoleon Dynamite, Pan's Labyrinth, Basquiat, Pollock, David Lynch movies, Mister Lonely (my new fav I wrote about a few posts ago) + many many more.

9. Workout - I go out for walks a few hours a week and I like jogging sometimes.

10. Pastries - Almost never. Once in a while I can eat a cookie or bake something (scones with cheese).

11. Coffee – with milk, 1-2 cups a day!

I tag Sasha and Yasu


SASHA said...

fun to read your "11". thanks for the tag, i'll start compiling a list.

Schanett said...

I'm a fan of Beirut and Mùm as well. great music! the others I didn't know yet - but I'll listen to it. always great getting interesting music suggestions!

Anonymous said...

yupp, fun read:) Just bought the Ladyhawke album today actually. The thing I meant to sent you was no more, it was actually the Vice mag I meant to send you and some other things. I would be fun to send each other stuff, small cheap stuff that is..

yasu said...

Hi Maria, Thanks for the tag!

maria said...

sasha, great! I'm looking forward to read it:)

schanett, yeah, they're great:)

tootootbeepbeep, send send send!! great idea, we can do that;)

yasu, you're welcome! looking forward to read yours:)