Sunday, 29 June 2008


On Thursday. Right now I love to go out for walks:)

(picture by Rasmus)

(picture by Rasmus)

On Friday we did a walk to a small hill on an island with some friends. You can walk to the island because they built a combined road/bridge leading to it. I think it is called "hundön" which means dogisland, but I'm not sure.
We sat there until around midnight and it was beautiful.


Alice said...

lovely :)
this is really the best period of the year to enjoy walks, and beautiful skies untill midnight :)

maria said...

yes it is:)

Esti said...

These pictures are so soulful and full of beauty... Enjoy your walks, breathe the summer air... I can't breathe it through these pics. Thanks for sharing. :)

maria said...

thank you Esti:)

Duermevela said...

oh! Lovely photos...
Just summertime happiness.