Monday, 30 June 2008

On the balcony.

I promised to weed my dad's garden today, so I'm hoping that the weather stays as it is right now; clear with a few clouds. It can't be too hot or rain.
I should do a lot at home too, because finally we bought our sofa and the rest of the furnitures! So now my home starts to feel cosy.

This was just a quick Monday morning post, have a good day!


yasu said...

good for you that you are getting settled in a new house! you have a tatoo on your feet?

sandra said...

ha en fin måndag du också!

Ruan :-) said...

Hehe... Havent talked in a while :-)
How are things going?
Nice tattoo on your foot? 'Tis not permanent is it?

maria said...

yasu: yes I have, I made it about 4 years ago:)

sandra: tack:)

ruan: no:) everything's just fine! how about you?
thanks, yes it is permanent!

Ruan :-) said...

Everythings going good, going skiing in Livigno in December then going to milan for a week, gonna be nice leaving Africa for a while. But you know what they say about Africa, it's inside of you, you can never really leave it.

asphaltandair said...

such a fun photo!
love the colors and textures and toes : )

gracia said...

Love the orange polish and the promise of weeding a garden for your Dad... a happy little Monday post.