Sunday, 15 May 2011

A messy mix of photos from the past few days

Hello there! Again I've had too little time for blogging:(
And I don't think it's interesting for you (or me to look back at) to read about my breakfast or lunch every day.
That's something I could post all the time, but I have to control myself..hehe.

Something new:

Rasmus has bought a new lens (sigma 10-20mm). It's very wide-angle and so different from the 50mm 1.8 that I'm now mostly used to. It's fun to play with!

I finally bought two lovely vintage chairs that I've had my eyes on for a while. The big question is: should I paint them black or not?

I also got myself a bamboo "plant". It looks more like tall thick grass with leaves. Will place it in a big pot on the balcony. I like the raw look of it.

And something I like:
These rings from Nga Waiata, I want all of them.


Mdmslle. said...

So jealous of these chairs, they are amazing! I wouldn't paint them, but depends on your home style I guess. Can't believe your tomatoe plant has fresh fruits to harvest yet! I wish mine would be that fast growing!

joy sohn said...

Love the first photo in the air!

ave said...

ja, fantastiskt härlig första bild!

och underbara stolar (måla dom inte)! ;)

och tack för tipset av ringarna, jag vill också ha!

Citlalli said...

Awesome pictures, as always! :)
I like the chairs in that color, but I absolutely think that will look so stylish and different in black!

cara said...

Lovely chairs! I have one similar, but my Dad used it to stand on while painting the house and now it's speckled in white. I should paint mine.

Anna said...

så stolarna blev dina! fina var dom! och vad dom små nysådda har tagit sig sen jag var hos dig sist. hoppas allt är bra med dig, här har magnoliaträden precis blommat ur för denna sommaren och jag har börjar heltid på monki. livet går fort. kramar a.

Lisen said...

så fina stolar alltså!
de blir nog fina hursomhelst, fina som de är också tycker jag! :)

sunkentreasure said...

I love these everyday pictures and the first one is cute!
take care x

beckie said...

lovely photos as always :)
i'm quite curious as to what plants are growing in the pots...

irene said...

i love these photos! the kitchen looks great :)

maria said...

everyone, thanks for your comments! I'm not yet sure about the chairs..but I still think they're gonna end up black, but you all made me a little unsure now;)

mdmslle, oh no I cheated;) I bought the tomato plant.. I hope it will grow bigger and give me more tomatoes!

anna, ja visst går det fort! hoppas du trivs bra på nya jobbet. låter som om du har det så fint:) magnoliaträd, åh! vi får ta och höras snart, kram på dig!

beckie, thank you! Basil, lemon verbena, parsley etc. :)

Mama said...

solarna tror jag nog blir fina i svart eller grafitgråa?
Tror nog att du innerst inne vet vad du kommer att göra med dom ;)

Var det månne Sune II som jag skymtade i häcken ;)

kikimoe said...

today my blog was awarded and i decided to award your blog!
hope u like it!

see u soon