Tuesday, 10 May 2011


The beans and squash etc. are growing fast! I have to plant them outdoors soon.

I've caught a little cold. Sore throat yesterday and running nose today. But it's not so bad. Yet.

Well, now over to something more interesting!

Last Friday was my friend Carlas 30th b-day party with 30's theme, which I sadly couldn't go to.
But Linnea made a great video from the evening, I think you all should have a look:)

puttin' on the ritz


olalla said...

It's so good to have a mini vegetable garden. I have mint, basil and parsley. I'd like to have more but I live in a flat...

eva vercauteren said...

It's so nice to still see the dirt on the growing plants. Take good care of that cold, it would be a shame if it would get worse.

All that green looks so lovely.

rosanna said...

oh la la, jag ska också skaffa gröna fingrar och börja odla egna grönsaker i sommar:)

Giedre said...

Aw, love the video! I think I'm gonna have to do this the next time I throw a party. I especially love the vintagy feel of the film - did she actually record a film and then slow it down or did she just take oodles of photos and put them together into a stop motion? :)

cara said...

Greens are good for colds, so that's convenient.

ModeKarussell said...

i like the way you conentrate your photography on the simplest and normalst things in our everyday life, like coffee and meal.

Hope you'll stumble over my blog too ;)

Rachell Taylor said...

Gorgeous video! I want to throw a party now.


maria said...

olalla, it's so good. and you want to grow more and more.. :)

eva vercauteren, the cold is still haning on me but luckily I'm not that sick. just a running nose.

rosa, gör det!

giedre, yes it's lovely:) do it!
think she took oodles of photos and put them together, a timelapse. but I have to ask her to be sure.

cara, true!

modekarussell, thank you so much! always nice to hear some feedback:)
will check it out!

rachell taylor, hope you also make a vidoe clip of it:)