Sunday, 13 March 2011

The usual

Food and weekend pictures from sunny, but different days. Haven't taken any new pictures..but it's the same bright sunshine outside my window right now. Spring is on it's way.

I like this kind of creativity, all over the place, Christine Young. (found at all the mountains)

I feel soo lazy but have some things to do, clean up the apartment for example - it looks terrible. If I just walk away from the computer, I might get something done. What are you going to do today?


lauren carney said...

Oh golly, you're blog is swell!
it's so colourful and sweet - like a little frosted cupcake!
I feel rather inspired from the photos!
Thanks for sharing!
ex oh ex oh

Anonymous said...

I feel lazy as well. I should study a bit, but...
your food always look delicious, really.

idalina said...

Älskar persiennerna! <3

Isimagen said...

Hva er pasha?