Sunday, 20 March 2011

Red, yellow, green

So I'm back:)

Tomorrow it's time for a new week again. This one will be a little calmer, I think. Last week was hectic with a lot of work. I also did a wallpainting in a kidsroom every evening after my regular work. It was fun of course:)
Feels great that I get the opportunity to do things like this now and then.


Karolina said...

I love these colors.


gracia said...

All great and busy hectic weeks should be followed by delicious calm ones. Makes a good pattern.

Mama said...

Vad bra att du kan se framemot en lugnare tid. men se med stolthet tillbaka på en givande vecka som du klarat med bravur, heja Maria <3

Kathleen said...

wow that food looks a...amazing~!

making me rethink my dinner.

ball chair said...

Those foods were delicious! I do create my own recipes at home. My kids really love my recipes. I do have magazines too with compilation of recipes.

schorlemädchen said...

what great pictures Maria...hope you are having a great weekend