Sunday, 5 September 2010


The weekend is over, time flies. I've been in the studio all day. Don't feel like going to work tomorrow..I want to paint. But as it is now I have to finish one work before I go over to next work!

I just saw the tv news. Many bad bad things are happening in the world right now, makes me so upset. I wish I didn't know about anything, but that's not good either..

Well, have a good start of the week and take care out there!


Brit said...

Beautiful set of pictures, they go so well together!

Have a nice week!

gracia said...

If only it did work some of the time to bury ones head in the sand for a little. Nope, it never does.

Have a good week.

Ida-Lina said...

Oj vad fina de här bilderna var! Härlig känsla! Och tack för lånet av pez-figuererna. de gjorde succé och är nu i tryggt förvar hos Andreas. Du får snart tillbaka dem! Kram

griffen said...

these pictures are mystical.

take care my friend.

Lisen said...

mittenbilden-mönstret! mm!