Monday, 20 September 2010

Stockholm, Mom, food

My weekend in Stockholm was great. Hanging out with my mom is always nice<3 After a walk on Södermalm we went to our favourite restaurant Hermans. Good good good vegetarian (buffé) food. Also saw some curious cats walking around there.
Only bad thing is I've caught a cold..felt it already on Friday and now it has taken control over me. I guess it was unavoidable for me to get it since I'm working with kids and these days everybody are sick.

But, how was your weekend?


Lisa Kjellerød said...

I just left my job in a school after bing there for 4 years and I built up the most amazing immune system (after spending the first year catching every single bug the children caught!)
Hope your cold feels better soon! (

Brit said...

Oh Hermans! I've been there too! I loved it... Gorgeous view of the city!

I really like your boots!

Alison said...

Beautiful pictures. I love the angry black cat.

griffen said...

this set is amazing. i love beans and rice =) i love the all black

whitney said...

i'm so envious of you! (what would i give to spend the weekend in stockholm...?)
it looks like you had a good time. is that your mom? she is beautiful!

lisen said...

åh, älskar Hermans!

BigMama said...

Ja, vi hade så trevligt tillsammans, synd att dagarna gick så fort. Men du kommer ju snart igen:)

Serene said...

Beautiful photos! My weekend was just fine, but it was no Stockholm. :-)

sunkentreasure said...

oh it looks like you had some sun in your weekend, how nice. I love that area in Stockholm, especially Hermans :)
I have a cold too, lying in my bed for two days now, it's awful to feel that way. Hope you are doing much beter now, take care!

maria said...

lisa kjelleröd, I hope that will happen to me too;) to build up my immune system..but I'm not looking forward to getting every! thank you, I'm still sick and at home. but I hope tomorrow is better!

brit, oh great you've been there too! yes it's great. thank you:)

alison, thank you:) The cat was looking focused on some small birds..but he didn't touch them ;)

griffen, thank you, it was so much more than only beans and rice but yes, I love that too:)

whitney, it takes only a bit under 1hour to go there by plane from my town, so that's good. and I know that my mom is not so far away:) yes it's her, I think so too!

lisen, ja det är riktigt, riktigt bra!

mamma, ja det gick alldeles för fort..ska se till att komma nångång i november eller december!

serene, thank you:) I'm sure it was good, without stockholm!

sunkentreasure, yes it was sunny on SUNday;) Saturday it rained all day. good that you've been to hermans too:) oh, hope you feel better soon! I'm also at home lying in bed..just woke up:/

Duermevela said...

Is the woman in the photo your mum? She is very young, isn't she? And very beautiful. I'm sure you enjoyed your time there in Stockholm. I love Hermans too!

Maria said...

duermevela, yes that's my mum! she will turn 50 next year;) but I agree she looks young. Hope I'm going to be the same!

nice that you've been to hermans!