Monday, 10 May 2010

Out on a walk

I'm feeling weird still. The stress won't let go of me! But one thing that helps at least for a while is walks. I took a nice walk today with my sister, I should do that every day.

The air is so fresh! The trees are slowly getting their green leaves and flowers are blooming, better late than never:)

Claire Nereim nice nice.


coi said...

I have been following your blog for a some time now. I just applied for a masters degree in Finland and feeling kind of nervous. Could not find any personal e-mails, that's why I am commenting under your entry - sorry about that - . I was wondering if I could ask you couple of things..?

maria said...

coi, hello! that's nice:) of course you can ask me! just send me an email at

MiaO said...

lovely tree!

Mamma said...

Fina blommor :) Stranden känns mycket välbekant!

Claire Nereim said...

Thank you so much, your blog is lovely!

maria said...

claire nereim, hi:) thank you!