Saturday, 1 May 2010

1st of May

Happy 1st of May! Yesterday was Valborgsmässoafton and we went out for a traditional family-dinner and met up with friends later in the evening. The weather was grey and foggy, not really suited for that kind of event..but it was quite cosy in my opinion:)

Soon I'm going to family dinner nr. 2. Have a good weekend!


Mandy said...

Great photographs .... now I have a bit of an eye for good ice cream and that one looks divine, I can even see the flecks of the vanilla from the vanilla bean .... hope it tasted as good as it looked !!!

Mila said...

beautiful so beautiful!


gracia said...

Looks like May is off to a great start in your pocket of the world, and grey and foggy days are cosy and easily my favourites. Looking forward to seeing more of your delicious photos.

Sanne said...

Beautiful i love the first picture! oh, and the cake, it looks very tasteful!