Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Questions and building blocks

- How did you perceive the world when you were little?

- Can you describe your dreamland/world? (don't have to be realistic)

+ bonus question if you want:
- Is it important for you to have big dreams, even if they will never come true? why?

I would be very thankful if you could answer these questions. Feel free to write anything! Anonymously if you want, in English, Swedish or Finnish(I totally understand finnish but will answer in english)


sandra said...

1. jag funderade inte så mycket på det, tror att jag mest var i stunden. minns att jag frågade mamma när jag var 5-6 år: "mamma har jag varit i norrbotten?" (de pratade om norrbotten på tv) och hon skrattade och sa "sandra, du bor i norrbotten".

2. svårt. tror min drömvärld är frid i sinnet.

3. ja, utan drömmar och ouppnåeliga mål finns det ingenting att sträva efter. så fort man får det man drömmer om så minskar det i värde. tror det är extra viktigt när man inte har någon "tro". t ex finns det en tekopp som jag velat ha i över tio år. den kostar rätt mycket pengar och är ganska svår att hitta, så det har aldrig blivit av att jag köpt den. för ett tag sedan insåg jag att den inte alls skulle vara lika speciell om jag ägde den, den är finare i sinnet på något vis.

Kirjailijatar said...

Vaikeita kysymyksiä...
1. En itse asiassa muista enää, miten hahmotin maailman. Vaikka kuinka yritän muistaa, en osaa sanoa, mitä maailmasta ajattelin ja miten sen ymmärsin. Ainakin koin itseni monesti yksinäiseksi ja ulkopuoliseksi.
2. Kuulostaa ehkä hassulta, mutta kyllä minä eräällä tasolla elän unelmamaailmassa. Tämä olisi unelmamaailma, jos kaikilla muillakin ihmisillä olisivat asiat yhtä hyvin kuin minulla. Jos me ihmiset osaisimme kohdella maapalloa paremmin.
3. Unelmoiminen on tavattoman tärkeää. Minä haaveilen jatkuvasti. Se pitää mielen virkeänä, se rentouttaa ja jotenkin avartaa elämää.

Claire said...

I hope you don't mind me replying in English! :)

1. When I was little, I remember thinking anything was possible. I used to invent things, and recreate machines, clothes and even pets out of paper and card, and imagine that when I woke up the next day they would work or be alive! Maybe I've just become more cynical as I've grown up, but that sense of a world with no boundaries isn't how I imagine it to be any more...

2. My dream land is a world with no constrictions. Without sounding cliché a more productive, exciting and wholesome world is one where people are more considerate of one another, compassionate, and less greedy. I try appreciate the little things in life, to ignore the insignificant troubles and inconveniences - I think if everyone remembered that there would be far fewer stress-related deaths in this world! I suppose my answer to this question directly relates to how I would love humanity to behave, rather than the physical world itself.

What a wonderful blog idea! I hope you don't mind but I'd love to repost these questions on my blog, see what sort of response they get - and of course I'll forward them to you whenever I hear anything! :) Let me know anyway,

Hope this helps! ♥

emma said...

1. This is kind of random but I thought that everyone knew the finnish language (like naturally, from birth) but those who lived abroad had to study the other languages as well because it was like a law or something that you had to speak french in France :D

Also my mom told me that one day, out of the blue, I explained to her that when people die they turn into raindrops and fall into the sea (!)

2. Dreamworld: somewhere where there is no animal cruelty, no factory farming, no pollution and no violence and injustice between people. Everything wouldn't revolve around money, work and success but more around art and music and just spending time together. - A really good question though, and like Claire said, I think we should just change our behavior to reflect what we want.

3. It is very important to dream. I've even found myself achieving things that have been just a crazy impossible dream some time in the past. Dreams make life so much bigger.

Good luck with the thesis, looks very interesting!

louise said...

Gosh, big questions. I'll give it a go...

As a child I think I perceived the world to be a little scary at times but in general fascinating and full of play.

I rarely remember my dreams, a fact I find most disappointing. I'd like to think they are vivid in colour and exciting, perhaps even insightful, but I fear that's just wishful thinking.

Yes to big dreams, life would be boring without them and what else is there to aim/work for?

xo lj

Leen said...

Not that simple to answer these in a few lines, but here I go;

When I was little i often found myself to be the luckiest girl in the world with the most fantastic family (including grandparents, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews,...)My grandparents used to take all their 14 grandkids on trips with a big tent and their pet donkey, which was so wonderful. Only when I got older I saw little cracks apearing in all those family relationships, which made me feel really vulnerable.

My dreamworld for me personaly would be to spent a lot more time with my man and little girl. Also have a creative job that is'nt all time consuming but still fullfilling.
The world is also a lot more quiet and other people wouldn't enoy me as much as they do now.

Big dreams make you live an interesting life!

Hope this 'll do :-)

Penoy said...

When I was little, places seemed so much bigger and wider to me. Not so long ago I went to see my home town (which I did not visit since I have been a little 10-year-old girl) and everything was so small! It is really strange how one's perception changes throughout life.

In my dreamworld the sun is shining at least 3 hours each day and it would always be pleasantly warm, so that you do not get cold. The weather has a great effect on my temper. A shining sun cheers up almost everybody and I like seeing people smiling and enjoying their lives.
Also, it would be great if everybody could do what he or she pleases to do, concerning their professional life. If their will is strong enough, everything should be possible. There are so many obstacles in life, that it might be impossible for some of us to fulfill their dreams and wishes. In my dreamworld those disappointments would not exist ;)

I like your blog, by the way.

ann-mari said...


these are tricking questions but i have thought a little and here goes:

1. i don't really remember but i do remember it being really hard for me to imagine space and the universe when i was little and would be kept awake thinking "if the universe is gone nothing would exist" this is when i was 5-6

2. i think the first thing that comes to mind is the smaaland images from the books I read as a child (lindgren) a world of perpetual summer and breezy long nights outdoors

3. it is super important for me to have dreams and feel like i am working towards something, i think a lot of the time i live in a future i have created in my head and i guess for the present it doesn't matter if it comes to pass or not

love your blog and sune :)

when skies are grey said...

1. One thing, that has helped me I think as a parent, is that I was much more aware and in "the know" about things that adults assumed kids couldn't pick up on. I also did have a belief in expanded possibilities...for instance I was expecting (and hoping) I could talk to animals for a long time.

2. My dreamland I guess is one that kind of goes back to more of a primitive, simpler time...I always imagine the little cottage with the farm. I guess it's an isolated kind of dreamland ;)

3. It's always nice to have something big on the horizon, even if it's vague. It's still exciting.

mette/ungt blod said...

a little late :)
1: when i was little i thought the stars were the other countries in the world, so when you had to go to america, you had to go to space.

2: a dreamworld is one where everyone can live the life they want to and dare to do it (of course not to any harm for others)

gracia said...

The world was colourful and changing and full of new faces to memorise. It was big and full of potential. It was full of love and warmth and animals. Full of laughter and drawing and my parents were everything. It felt endless in every possible way. It stretched on for as far as I could see and beyond.

danica said...

1. I think I had a very small perspective on the world. Everything and everyone looked bigger than me and yet I was more willing than I am now to throw myself head first. Every moment and every encounter was seen as an opportunity to make new friends.

2. My dreamland would be a woodland scene with cottages and mountains.