Monday, 12 April 2010

In the air

A cute shirt I borrowed from my sister and breakfast at my dad's

Weekend is already over! I must admit I hardly have time to blog now. I have two tough weeks ahead of me, have to work like crazy to get my whole graduation project finished!

I really miss reading all of your blogs:/ Looking forward to be more active with that when all this is over! Actually there's lots of things to look forward to right now, the spring-air makes me think of one big thing: S U M M E R !

Ps. big thanks again for your answers!


Anonymous said...

I love your sister shirt.

and yes I dream on summer right now!!! I am planning to travel to Asia and I am so exhited!!!

Elisabelle said...

i love this breakfast table!!!
bon courage for all your work!

lina said...

the shirt has a lovely pattern!
& that sandwich looks really yummy : )

good luck with your graduation project. i know that i'll be working on mine too this week.

LISEN & STINA said...


danica said...

ooh, i really like that shirt! hope your work is going well - i'll answer your questions (hopefully it's not to late).

Kirjailijatar said...

Jaksamista siis tiukkoihin viikkoihin. Sitten se onkin ihanaa, kun urakka on ohi.

Karolina said...

you make the simple things seem so beautiful and magical :)

irene said...

mmmh i love that sandwich!