Wednesday, 27 January 2010


"Accessories" and a drawing for an installation I'm making.

(The cityfox I wrote about here earlier has now moved to a small animal park, where it hopefully will make friends with other foxes:) I think this is much better of course compared to the furfarm..But a completely free life would have still been the best.)


louise said...

How lovely that the beautiful fox has now a home. You're right, a completely free life would be perfect, but at least he'll be safe now and have friends and not be living a life of terror. xo lj

Lisen said...

ser himla fint ut detta! man vill se mer..!

Så länge räven får ha sin päls för sej själv hoppas jag den har det bästa möjliga. Ett eget gryt vore ju det bästa!

Stine Marie said...

ser fram imot å se dit slutt-arbeid!:)