Friday, 22 January 2010

The last landscape of pleasure

Yesterday was the opening of Jaša Mrevljes exhibition. He is the current Artist in Residence at Platform and has been here since December. The show was great and spectacular:) Too much of everything, things glued on the wall and floor and in between, lots of details. Maximum craziness, in a good way. I made these pictures before the opening and the place got crowded. So this was the thing we couldn't miss, R was playing music during the whole evening.
Top picture is the artist himself:)


Lisen said...

snyggt porträtt! :D

lisa Kjellerød said...

I LOVE that top picture! This happens to my husband every time he walks into our house, when his glasses meet the warm air compared to the cold outside!!

outi said...

ha haa, maximum craziness sounds just good:)
interesting photos, have to check the links..

gracia said...

So great to see through your camera's eye.