Monday, 26 October 2009

A weekend with a little bit of everything

Another good weekend has passed! Friend Anna came over on Saturday, we cooked dinner and later more friends joined and we went to see Cats on Fire.
The glitter and homemade teeth are for a party next week:) Maybe you can guess what kind of party it is..

Check out Yui Taniguchis cute work!


famapa said...

vad mysigt! blir det mer hemma-hos reportage?? så fint med lite glimtar i den nya lägenheten!

Elisabelle said...

Mmmmm... Halloween?
Will you celebrate?
it is not really popular in France.

katie said...

these teeth are very great. Are they made from wax? more yummy looking food !!

lisen said...

hihihi, tänderna! tandläkar-firma-fest såklart! ;)

snyggt paljettglittertjosan!

ps. nej, rönnbären ä nog inte rönnbär..som du skrev, jag vet faktiskt inte va de ä ser ut som ...rönnbär! :)

Karolina said...

I love the teeth :D

maria said...

famapa, jo-o, tänkte nog ta och visa lite till så småningom 8då allt är klart) kul att du gillar:)

elisabelle, YES! actually it's not very popular here either but sometimes..this year I'm attenting two halloween parties! but I like to dress up, never to a witch or something similar and boring but to something totally different and improvised:)

katie, thanks:) I made them out of cernit clay, don't know if it's the right word for it in english..but a clay that you burn in the oven and is popular among kids:)

lisen, hur kunde du gissa så rätt?! :D jo jag tänkte väl det då jag kollade hur bären "satt ihop", men fint var det!

karolina, thank you:)

when skies are grey said...

Lovely pictures, I've been really enjoying your blog. The food always gets me too.