Monday, 12 October 2009

Sune says hello!

I ate the best pizza at our friends place on Saturday and later we met up with more friends danced like crazy:) Unfortunately I have no pictures to show.

Today I haven't gotten much I'm baking bread and after that I'm going to continue doing nothing. Tomorrow is a more busy day, and I expect to get much done then instead.


Pia said...

Maria, söta härliga Maria! Tusen tack för din hjälp, nu har även jag stora bilder! Jag bjuder på en öl då vi ses. KRAM <3

maria said...

jättebra pia!! om du bjuder mig en så bjuder jag en åt dig;) hörs och ses snart, kramar!

Sanne said...

hello back ;-) good luck today!

ann-mari said...

i love love love sune so much! do you have pics of him as a kitten!? bet he was just a ball of fluff! :)

Lisen said...

Hur kan man se så GOSIG UT????

Snygga tånaglar! Väldigt fin bild.
Kan inte Sune få lack på sina klor? :D

maria said...

sanne, he said hi again and thank you:)

ann-mari, that's so nice;) hmm, I don't think I have but my mom/sisters sure do..he looked like a little cloud:D maybe I could post a picture here one day!

lisen, tihi, ja han är grymt gosig! men mindre gosig om nätterna då han skriker och vill ha uppmärksamhet medan alla andra sover..
hahaa sune med nagellack,skulle nästan passa ju:D

louise said...

How joyous those days are. Looks like your furry companion is enjoying having you relax at home.