Thursday, 6 August 2009

A party

A few glimpses from a friends doctoral disseration yesterday. It was held at a nice place next to the sea. Beautiful! The evenings are getting darker here now..

Tonight we celebrate the Night of the Arts in our town and I'm working from 14-00..!
(The Night of the arts is a minor art festival, where art-related events happen in various places all around the city. The events typically begin at around 6 to 8 PM and last at least until midnight, sometimes even to early morning. Events are held in museums, bookstores, public parks, and other places.)


Karolina said...

We have something quite like the noight of the arts in here, it's once a year but I never could manage to go..I hope to make it next year :)


epe said...

lovely light!

Lilee said...

lovely photos!