Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Hello August!

Reading, eating, thinking and spending time with friends and family.
My two nice days off have come to an end, now it's work again! It's going to be a busy week.


Karolina said...

the flowers are lovely.. the photos you make of your meals always make me hungry! :) hope you get through your busy week well :)


Rachell Taylor said...

Aww, the end of days off always makes me grumpy.

lisen said...

vill faktiskt börja komma in i det där med snart...vardagens roligheter o lite ordning o reda, o lite nytt...ska bli kul..fick det första jobbrelaterade mejlet igår o ateljen är städad, det tar sej...! :)

sen äre inte fel o komma hem till en somrig balkong heller kanske...himla fint!

lina said...

nice cup! from what i can see, i really like the design.

asphaltandair said...

those purple flowers are wonderful!
sorry to hear that your days off work are over.
let's hope that the weather stays nice and you can still enjoy time with your friends and family in the long evenings.

marie-louise said...

Jag ser att det är fler som har börjat jobba igen...fast ute är det högsommar!

emma said...


ps. f*n vilken god frukost.