Saturday, 21 March 2009

A Saturday

Again busy days and no time for the blog..!
It has been a very nice and sunny Saturday today. Unfortunately I spent the whole day indoors fixing the home, removing some more wallpaper. We're planning to do the same thing tomorrow, it goes slowly but we hope to finish the "renovation" within two weeks or so.

I hope you are having a good weekend!


mette/ungt blod said...

i actually stayed in alot too in the good weather. even though it was sunny it was soo cold. Hope the apartment is becoming more and more a home! god weekend!

Maria said...

Nice blog with beautiful pictures!

Men du kanske förstår svenska...?? =)

lisen said...

vad roligt att hålla på o greja ändå!
sol o fint kommer det ju vara ute mer framöver också , då äre ju gött o komma IN till fint också!

(å den koppen är så fin!)

rosanna said...

är det phad thai?
ser gott ut!

yasu said...

the noodle looks so good!

lea said...

mmm that food looks good! removing wallpaper can be such a slow process - happy weekend to you too, hope you got outside a little bit too : )

Schanett said...

renovating can be a hard work...
but at the end you'll have a beautiful apartment. that's cool!!
hope you can enjoy.

the plant you asked is kind of "hauswurz". I didn't find the english word. I collect them while wandering in the mountains. they like staying outside. don't need much water. sometimes they have simple flowers. they grow on roofs or between stones...
do you know it?

Esti said...

Working in your own house is the only reason not to go out on a sunny day!
Good luck with the renovation!

maria said...

mette, yes it is till very cold here too even if the sun is up!

maria, tack vad glad jag blir!! svenska är mitt modersmål:)

lisen, jo så är det! tur att det inte är sommar än. (skulle vilja ha den röd-prickiga också! koppen alltså)

rosanna, nä det är något liknande som jag kokade ihop, gott var det:)

yasu, it was a bit improvised but good!

lea, :) yes it is a lot of work to remove it cause it doesn't come off easily..hope you too had a nice weekend!

schanett, was harder than I thought! but still I think it's fun:)
hmm, I think I know the plant but we don't have them here in Finland. how nice that you collect them from the mountains, I understand how special they must mean to you!

maria said...

esti, that is so true:) thank you!

Marlieke said...

Beautiful pictures! The house looks great already. I'm curious to the pictures of your house when it's finished!

Ritva said...

remonttityöt ei kai lopu koskaan!
mutta lopputuloksesta sitten nautitaan kaksiverroin :)

kiva muki sulla, haluisin kans!

lina said...

that food makes me hungry!

Dianne said...

I love your blog and am forwarding it to all my artist friends. You have a wonderful eye.
Dianne, San Jose, CA