Friday, 30 January 2009


Thank you so much for your comments on my previous post!
When you're in a situation like this it's always good to get opinions from others.
We went to look at the other flat yesterday and I didn't like it as much as the first one, so typical. It just didn't feel like the "right" one.

We have to keep on looking and hope that we will find a place. I still want that first flat but seems like it's impossible:(
Next week we're going to discuss with the bank and hopefully know what would be the best!

Have a good Friday!


mette/ungt blod said...

Hey Maria -i hope it works out good! i will just add to my long rambling that we, especially when we looked at places in malmö, visited alot of apartments i fell in love with, that did not work out -and you WILL find another place that you like, and you WILL have a beautiful home nomatter where you end up! just remember that -and always listen to that little voice inside you

rossana said...

ja-a, vi får ju hoppas på att banken är extra snäll i år... ;)
Är den där yoghurten god? jag tror jag åt nån liknande och den smaka blä

Tina said...

mmm, blåbär! den är ganska god, men tycker hallon är överlägsen:) hoppas det löser sig med lägenheten, lycka till!

Jan said...

Lycka till!

Lisen said...

Klokt! Tare lugnt.
Ganska bra o kolla runt lite o inte göra förhastade saker, även om man känner ÅNEJ så vet man iaf vad man INTE vill ha, kan också va bra... plus att man ska få sej lite tur också. Men den kommer den med tror jag!

Ovissheten är jobbigast egentligen.
Eller hur?

Ha nu en fin helg!!

Veja cecilia said...

tillslut så dyker den rätta lägenheten upp, till rätt pris. det gäller bara att orka leta och fortsätta hoppas! Lycka till!

Ritva said...

ystäväni äiti sanoi aina ettei kauneus maailmasta lopu. joten toivokaamme että oikea koti odottaa vain löytäjäänsä.-onnea matkaan!

outi said...

i fell in love with this tiny flat where we are now living, and just bought it. i totally don´t have the money, i took a huuuuge bank loan.
i thought that at least for some time i can live in my dream apartment, and if it looks like that i can´t afford it longer, i can always sell it.
so far we have managed to live like this, and i really enjoy.
i just simply knew this is my home when i entered here.
and i know you will also find your home, you will feel it. and everything will go fine :)