Friday, 2 January 2009


The new year is here and I hope it's going to be a good one! 2008 was both good and bad, most of all an eventful year.

One bad thing was, I lost my dear cat Spöke. She ran away and never came back..It hurts when I think of what could've happened to her.
I hope she's alive and that a kind person took care of her. I so often dreaming about her coming back. I still hope she will one fine day.

Some good things (I got), a job, my own studio, and many new blogfriends:)


mette/ungt blod said...

oh im so sorry to hear about your cat! that is an awful way to loose her! Happy 2009! im not sure what to expect of it, but i see no reason why it should not be a joy! (okay thats not all true -the worrier in me can think of lots of things going wrong :))

phoebe marie said...

i love your blog - your beautiful pictures and sweet words inspire me every day.

reading this post, i felt that, though i don't know you, i wanted to share a story with you.

many years ago i was married to a sweet man. he has a cat named freyja. she was stone deaf and also blind in one eye. didn't have the easiest time getting around, poor girl. anyhow, my former husband and i split up, but remained friends and kept in touch. he fell on some hard times shortly after our divorce and spent a few weeks living in his car - with freyja. i had no idea.
anyhow, he would let her out to explore and do her business and all. and one day she just didn't come back. he told me about it and about how distraught he was, since she was so handicapped by her bad ears and one bad eye. he feared the worst.
he eventually get his life together and found a home. well, he'd been there a few months and this place was at LEAST 3 miles across town from where we had lived. and yes - as you are probably expecting - freyja appeared on his doorstep, perfectly intact and well, having found him again using her one good eye and her little pink nose.
don't give up hope for little spöke. you just never know what kind of miracles the world might deliver to your doorstep.
much love, phoebe marie

Lisen said...

åh, det gör så ont i mej att din katt försvann! Minns när min kanin sprang bort när jag var liten (fast inte jätteliten) det var så oerhört sorgligt o inte veta.. Men din katt har säkert blivit omhändertagen, lite svårare med kaniner..

Tur du har Sune att gosa med :)

Är nyfiken på studion! Flyttat in?

Hoppas hoppas katten kommer tillbaks ändå på nåt vis..!

Anonymous said...

oh--we lost our cat too this year--from old age. sometimes i still think i hear him jump off the table or things like that. hope you have a great 2009!

shilvia said...

oh no...i hope she's alright!!!beautiful fireworks :)lucky of you to capture that.

andrea tachezy said...

Happy new year Maria. I hope you´ll find your cat!

maria said...

mette, i know, it's awful:(
I'm also a bit of a worrier so I can never let myself hope too much..but I have the feeling it's going to be a great year:)

phoebe marie, thank you so much for your kind words and for telling your amazing story about freyja!
it was very touching, I'm glad that it had a happy end. it gave me a little hope that spöke will find her way home too! take care<3

lisen, jo det är oerhört smärtsamt att inte veta vad som hänt henne:(( hoppas det slutade bra för din kanin!

jepp jag har flyttat in i ateljén, fortfarande lite kaos eftersom jag inte hunnit vara där alls nu under juldagarna. fast jag ser framemot att vara mycket där från och med nu! bilder kommer snart, lovar:)

visualinfluence, I'm so sorry about your cat:( happy 09 to you too!

shilvia, I hope so too! thanks!

andrea tachezy, thank you and I wish you the same!
I hope I find her.

outi said...

stars for your year! and a warm thought for Spöke, where ever she/he is. i´m sure in good hands somehow!

asphaltandair said...

i also had a cat who decided to have its life somewhere else.
he simply needed more adventure than i could offer him...or at least that's how i like to think about it.
sending little kitty prayers for your sweet Spöke and hoping that she's having wonderful adventures somewhere out there...

MeijuKeiju said...

Hej Maria,
sorligt att höra att spöke har försvunnit :( Jag också hoppas verkligen att hon skulle ännu hitta tillbaka hem!! Du måst ju sakna henne oehört mycket.

maria said...

hej angeliina! längesen sist:) jo det e så otroligt hemskt utan spöke, värst då man inte alls vet vad som har hänt henne..
hoppas allt är bra med dig.

MeijuKeiju said...

Jo jag av en slump hamna bara hit och läste dåliga nyheter :(

allt bra med mig, tack:)
hoppas med dig med!
int tror jag något hämskt hänt henne, ids int du heller tro!
ännu en vacker dag möts ni ;)

FairyFaye said...

All the best for 2009!!!

Malin said...

Oj, jag kunde knappt andas när jag såg bilden av din katt. Min älskade katt som jag växte upp med och som tyvärr inte lever längre hade också ett uppånervänt V i pannan som Spöke. Har inte tidigare sett någon annan katt som sett likadan ut... Förutom en av Tussis kattungar som såg precis ut som henne (hur gammal är Spöke?...).

Saknar min älskade Tussi otroligt mycket. Hoppas din katt kommer hem igen.

maria said...

outi, and thank you for your warm thoughts! stars to you too:)

asphaltandair, thank you for your lovely words, I really need to think like that she's having wonderful adventures somewhere..!

angeliina, vad bra att höra! jo jag hoppas att hon står bakom dörren en dag! tack:)

fairyfaye, thank you! I wish you the same:)

malin, men åh<3 jag har inte heller sett nån annan katt som ser ut så. det är så sött! spöke blir/skulle bli 3 år nu i mars..