Thursday, 27 November 2008

Buttons & soup

I just love those little brown/beige buttons I recently bought. Now I have to find a nice dress or shirt for them.
Today was nothing special, first working and then doing nothing at home. We made the popular cauliflower & cheese soup with pesto bread (I'm so sure I mentioned it before here one or two times). It always works!

I can't believe the weekend starts again tomorrow!


emma said...

The soup looks yummy! How about a recipe?

Anonymous said...

god mat!!
o knapparna är förträffligt snygga, de ser ut som godis!

maria said...

emma, here it goes: 1 big cauliflower, 1 onion, (add 2 potatoes if you want), chop everything and cook it in water with vegetable stock for 15min or until cauliflower and potatoes are soft. Then add on whole package koskenlaskija cheese (the original one) salt and pepper and mix everything with a mixer, ready!
(if there's too much veg.stock you should not use everything because then the soup could get too watery).

This is MUCH soup, if you do it only for yourself you could take 1/2 of everything I guess:)

lisen, jo visst gör dom! mummmmms

emma said...

Thanks, I think I'll make some tomorrow... I got almost everything I need in the fridge already :)

maria said...

emma, good! and ooops..I saw that I spelled koskenlaskia wrong;)

design for mankind. said...

those buttons are adorable, yes! :)