Sunday, 21 September 2008

Artsy weekend

The third Mope08, Movement to performance-festival took place here this weekend. The whole thing was organized by Platform. It has been a very fun weekend filled with crazy shows! My Rasmus was also performing on Friday with an audiovisual performance.
Here are some pictures from Friday and Saturday,

Dragos Alexandrescu, paperflowers installation at the entry

Rasmus Hedlund, audiovisual performance

Marina Ciglar & Helena Eriksson, all day long performance

Mattias Olofsson, performance

Mark Ward, performance

Leena Kela, all day long peep show performance


FruensWerk said...

Great...My Sunday was also very artsy...hehe

Jan said...

This was in Nykarleby or?

maria said...

jan, nej allt hände i Vasa. På platform och konsthallen på fredan, kuntsi på lördan!