Sunday, 14 September 2008


The weekend passed so fast, it's already Sunday!
I won't have much time for blogging this following week, I've got so much to do! Therefore I'll just post some more today:)

Eva Eun-Sil Han, I like!


Alice said...

such a cute tea box :D

valeda said...

oooh, one of my favorite teas is the mariage freres eros yummy!

Anonymous said...

Is that a container of tea there? I've been meaning to send you and Rasmus something, like a little gift:) That we don't forget our fwiends..

maria said...

Alice, Yes and it is from Paris:)

Valeda, I must say that I'm not really familiar with the Mariage Fréres teas, this can we got as a gift and it's the only blend I've tried (I think it's Marco Polo, but it's not written anywhere on the can) It's very good!! Have to try the eros too..

Tootootbeepbeep, Yes it is! I'll make you a cup next time you're here:)
Äde sant!? Ohoj:D En ny modifierad bild kanske? :))

Jan said...

I'll make you a new picture if you'd like and you can post it here on your blog... I'll make one then, you're begging for it, to celebrate the love between you and Rasmus... But the real shit I was thinking of sending I'll send soon. (with the pic)

Anonymous said...

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