Sunday, 10 February 2008

Sunday bloody Sunday

We had a late breakfast today..
I had a strange dream this night. I dreamt that I took care of 5 black kittens which all had small trunks like elephants...they were so cute :)
Today is cleaning day at work and it's my turn. But the weather is exactly the same as yesterday so it doesn't attract me at all to go outside.
More positive thoughts please!
Hmm..I just have to put on my dangerous rubber boots and challenge it:)...besides it's only one block away...


Anonymous said...

hej där, finafina muggen!! va fin du är! :D

maria said...


Alice said...

haha funny dream :)
and i want this little cup, i got the little bowls like this, but the cup is adorable :) is it ikea ?

maria said...

yes I like it too:) It's Marimekko.