Monday, 12 November 2007

Time for Christmas gift preparations...

I really like making my own Christmas gifts. It's nicer to get and give something that is handmade..When I was a kid me and my best friend started making gifts already in July or something:) maybe a bit too early. (but we gave away things from our homes mom wasn't too happy when I had given our garlic crusher away to someone).

Right now I have many ideas what to make and give away! Hope they turn out to be as good as they are in my thoughts..




ingridviola said...

Samma här! Igår började jag trä träpärlor på band så att dom blev hals- och armband. Vet nog inte vem som får dem till julklapp ännu :) Det är så mycket mer roligt att göra egna julklappar! Söt kisse :)

sandra said...

jag blir alldeles glad av alla virkade dukar.