Monday, 1 August 2011

Black & white

Pictures from my cousins beautiful wedding last saturday.
It was fantastic, a finnish-swedish-iranian culture mix (my cousin is half iranian), the weather was perfect and the party was held in their garden the whole day+night.
Later in the evening the tables were moved away so we got a dancefloor, and people danced like crazy.
I took these pictures with my iphone and the quality is so and so, therefore I made them black and white.

The band played michael jackson and this little boy suddenly started to dance, I filmed a short clip. have a look:)



Mama said...

Underbara bilder,på underbara människor :)

Laficelle said...

where did this little boy learn to dance like this?! that´s impressing. tell him he´s great!

maria said...

mamma, ja. det var riktigt fint. tänk om du ändå hade kunnat vara med!

sarah, i have no idea! but he showed us all that he sure can dance;) 8 years old.

sara said...

Even with a crappy camera, you have such a great eye! I like these pics, and the boy is impressive!