Monday, 25 July 2011

Bright & hot

Finally I'm entering blogworld again! How are you?
I start with some pictures from Gran Canaria. We had luck with the weather every day, it was HOT but the atlantic breeze did a good job, so it was bearable.

We had a nice week with my family, lovely to see my mom and 'her' spa.
Relaxing - sun - swim - water - wine - good food..
I also had wide plans on going up to the mountains and to have a picnic in the desert (haha) but time was too short.

// Norway ♥ //


Mama said...

Det var underbart att ha er här <3
Tiden går fort, så snart ses vi igen, kramar <3

duermeveland said...

oh! you really made great photos!!

cara said...

i love these colours! stunning! your holiday looks fantastic.

gracia said...

Waving hello to you from a mild winter. Your summer really does looks bright and hot as post's title led me to believe.

heodeza said...

Beautiful shots!

I really long for such sun and heat... it's been so cold and rainy in the Netherlands - time for summer to come back!

heodeza said...

P.S. the first picture reminds me of these paintings, by Joanna Lamb.


Alice said...

i love that tree shape :)