Saturday, 28 August 2010

A salad for two, yesterday's lunch

Made of vegetables I had at home.
Afterwards we had coffee with turkish delights while listening to The Darjeeling Limited soundtrack, a lovely mix all together!
The delights are rose and apple flavour, they're so good and makes me wanna go back to Istanbul NOW.

I'm really in the mood for travelling. Somewhere south, maybe to a peaceful island in Greece or Italy, New York, Paris, Zürich...
So far I'm going to Stockholm middle of September and hopefully to Berlin over New Year's eve to visit two friends who recently moved there:)


Lisen said...

hm, jag har ätit såndär konfekt nånstans men när o var, jag vet inte?? minns att det är gräsligt gott!!

kom just hem från gotland.
vill tillbaka. även om det inte är utomlands.

ashley said...

yum, those delights look delightful!

SASHA said...

that salad looks amazing!! and i vote for a trip to new york:))

gracia said...

Such delights! Such tempting flavours, too. Living up to their name, that's good to see.

Sanne said...

great travelling plans! did you went to New York before? I never went there so far, still really like to go! the same for Berlin, that is more near :-)

maria said...

lisen, ja dom är goda! finns också med kokosflingor på, MUMS! härligt med gotland, bröllopsresa? ;))

ashley, :) they're really good.

sasha, salads with many ingredients look almost always good I think:) Yay thanks for the vote, I'm really planing to go one day hopefully soon..

gracia, that's right!

sanne, no never been! but I really want to go too. hope we both get to go there soon:)

stylencritics said...

hi, great blog!
nice picks, these turkish sweets we call "Loukoumia"(in Greece). If you want to visit a quiet island in greece dont forget Astypalaia!!!! or Amorgos.