Tuesday, 9 March 2010


- Museum-work today and after that studio-work.
- The snow has melted even more and I'm feeling fine.
- I'm going to Stockholm to visit my Mom on Friday, fun!


danica said...

have a fantastic time in stockholm! i find it so funny that while you are pleased that winter is slowly passing i can't wait for it to start :)

jenna said...

hi there maria! i just wanted to let you know that you won the giveaway at my blog. my e-mail is jenna.mcvey@gmail.com. write me and we'll talk details. :)

Mila said...

sound so nice, dear!
gorgeous image; those colors...


Schanett said...

lucky Maria! you won jenna's giveway! congratulation!

and enjoy Stockholm!
would like to make a short trip as well!
I'll go to see my parents this weekend. not that far away from where I live (well, Switzerland is so small - nothing is really far away from where I live...) but it will be a change anyway.

maria said...

danica, thank you, I will:) haha that's funny, and your winter will be almost like our summer..I'm thinking celsius degrees..:)

jenna, hey, REALLY!! that's GREAT news!! ;D I'll send you a mail right after this! Thank you jenna

mila, thank you:) from a collage I'm making..

schanett, YES!! happy happy:) thank you and have a nice weekend at your parents place!

Mamma said...

Hej ,gumman!

Det ska bli jätteroligt när du kommer hit och hälsar på mig:)
Vi ska gå på stan och äta/dricka gott:)

Brit said...

How nice, enjoy your time in Stockholm with your mom!