Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Good news comes with sunshine

Finally some sunshine today! Not enough but still something. I've been at home sewing and drawing.

And I've got GOOD NEWS; we got a new studio space today!! You all must wonder what's wrong with us when we switch studios all the time..In fact this will be the third time this year!
Well, the last one we had was too far away and too expensive so we decided to leave and apply for a better one, which we now got:)
It feels so good because I'm really in a need of a workspace now when I'm doing my graduation project and not working in my school. More about this later!

My new asian favourite: kangkung with garlic, chili and soysauce. Sorry for the blurry picture!


deleilan said...

That's great news! Show us pictures when you can!

sandra said...

grattis! vad kul och vad spännande!!

lina said...

i love the cloud photo!
ooo a new place? can't wait to see photos of it : )

Lisen said...

Grattis!!!! Vad roligt!
Firar med en Grön marmeladkula innan jag går hem från min ateljé... :)

Vi flyttade snarare hela boendet närmre TILL ateljéerna istället haha.. Tråkigt o åka bil. Det måste kännas bra! Hoppas denna kommer bli toppen!

Elisabelle said...

good for you!
i'm longing for some sun...
love to see your plates!

Brit said...

Mmm kangkung, definitely one of my favorites as well! Congrats on the new studio!

Elodie said...

Ohh sunshine, where are thou? It rains like crazy over here! At least the picture of the clouds makes me happy.

Congrats on the studio by the way!