Wednesday, 30 September 2009


I recently started to grind coffee beans instead of using normal ground coffee and it taste so much better! It's worth the effort.

Have a look at Mettes coffee-ritual, you can use some advice from her!

We're putting up things on the walls now..They have been quite empty.


irene said...

i love the scent of fresh ground coffee!
and the different pictures and photos on your wall are great. it looks really nice!

mette/ungt blod said...

Freshly grounded coffee is so amazing! it really does make a difference! thank you for the link - i was afraid that my coffee post would make all my readers think i was crazy..

Sara said...

Ah the secret to good coffee is freshness!

rosanna said...

snygg vägg!

saga said...

vilken fin tavelvägg!

Duermevela said...

I don't know how it looked before, but I like your wall now!

Hanna Åberg said...

åhh fina väggen!

asphaltandair said...

fully agree that freshly ground is worth the effort!
your little collection on the wall is very sweet. my favorites walls are ones covered with loved things gathered slightly randomly.

Lisen said...

en tamburin?!
va fin!

maria said...

irene, me too! thanks;)

mette, yesyes! I think your coffee post was GREAT.

sara, oh yes it is :)

rosanna, tackar!

saga, tack ska du ha :)

duermevela, thank you so much! (it was just white and boring before..)

hanna, tacktack!

asphaltandair, absolutely:) I think the wall is getting more things on it later, not too much though. and as you said, gathered randomly is the best!

lisen , jaa! hittade den på loppis för några år sen. den får hänga på väggen ett tag nu:)

lea said...

it does make quite the difference when the coffee is freshly grounded. love the wall arrangement! i have a lot of white walls these days that needs something on them : )

maria said...

thank you lea! I recommend you start decorate your walls:)