Monday, 11 May 2009

A lot to do

Look at our desk at home...what a mess! I have had too much to do, no time for anything else except for work and schoolstuff.

I've got sad news. We're going to move out from our studio. For several reasons but to name one thing. The building is very old and there have been water leaks from the roof during the years. Some of us are starting to get allergic reactions of being there so that means it must be mold in there. Not very nice:( So we decided to move out immediately.
Luckily one of us, Mick, found us a new place quickly! It's a lot smaller and more expensive but also much more clean and tidy. We will start moving this week...moving and moving all the time!

Ugh, mold...even the word sounds nasty.


Hello Sandwich said...

Happy Moving! I can't wait to see your new place! Exciting!
Love Love
Hello Sandwich

mette/ungt blod said...

how stupid and disgusting to have to get sick from mould! i hope the new place will be good!

Hanna Åberg said...

usch :( tråkigt på ateljén, men hellre det än att bli sjuk. jättefarligt med mögel. ...och tur att ni har hittat en ny!

Schanett said...

hope stress will be over soon!
and then you will be happy having everything new!
apartment and new studio.
wish you everything is going well!

saga said...

vad trist med ateljen, men hoppas ni finner er tillrätta i den nya snart! och snygga solglasögon har du i alla fall.

maria said...

hello sandwich, thanks;) i think it's exciting too!...and hard work!

mette, yes it ideed is. I hope the new place will be cosy and not too small for us!

hanna, jo:( mögel är verkligen äckligt. jag hoppas det inte finns en massa sporer kvar på våra saker..

schanett, I hope so too! it should be. thank you so much:)

maria said...

saga, jo det är det:/ men vi hade tur som fick en ny genast! solglasögonen är ett loppisfynd från förra året:) kul att du gillar dom.

Rynke said...

Too bad about the studio, bt I can't wait to see your new place! :) Please show us when you all moved there!
I have the same little H&M flowery bag btw :D

louise said...

Hope the move goes well and your shiny new studio is perfect.

lisen said...

Men oj, detta ar jag missat..!
Näe va tråkit!! :((
Ah, typiskt. Det om va så fint o bra.. Men ni verkar ju ha tur med flytttjosan o finna nytt o grejt, det blir säkert bra på nästa ställe!

ps. vi ska med flytta igen. hm.
many reasons o himla kluvet, lite bra men gud så vemodigt.

fina stök-bilder!

maria said...

lisen, ja vi hade verkligen tur med att få ett nytt ställe så snabbt! synd att vi måste flytta ut...det var ju så fint. men äckelpäckel med mögel:(

ska ni flytta??? vart? :O

Anonymous said...