Tuesday, 2 December 2008


I was indoors the whole day yesterday writing an essay for a subject in school. Finally I think it's finished! That means I have to move my legs a bit today.
The weather is bad, the snow is gone and now it's all grey and wet...so it doesn't really attract me to go outside, but I have to do some shopping.

PS. We also ate buns and drank chocolatemilk yesterday, that happens very rarely in our home...but it was gooooood;)

See you later!


lisen said...

Näe va gott!!! :D Båda bilderna. JAg är hungrig.

Samma väder här...men när man väl kommit ut är det OK...tycker jag...Stina vill bara hem o ligga framför brasan, boooring..

erin meagan said...

pasta, mmmm.