Thursday, 10 July 2008

6 things I like today

I was tagged by Lisen:) The day is soon over but here are a few things I liked about today.

1. I spent almost the whole day on the countryside at my dad's house, drawing!

2. The sunrash is almost gone.

3. I borrowed a bunch of interior design magazines from my mom to read before I go to sleep tonight.

4. Happy that it's soon Saturday, then we'll have a small move-in party, finally!

5. It stopped raining and the sun showed up a while ago.

6. It was nice to read all the comments in my blog, thank you!

I tag Gracia, Hanna, Sissi Minanaä, Sophia and Sanne.


asphaltandair said...

a move-in party!
have fun!

gracia said...

A move-in party and a day spent drawing... both sound swell to me.

And I am looking forward to playing tag. Six things I like, yep, that shall be fun to draw up.