Monday, 12 May 2008

White paint

Finally we moved but everything is still in chaos!
We painted the walls and the kitchen closet doors and there's much more to do before we can "settle down".

More pictures to come soon..:)

On Friday me and Linnea prepared stuff to sell on an music event later that night.
She makes the cutest keyholders!

On Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day!

Our internet connection will be open in about 2 weeks..right now I'm not blogging from home. So it can be some more silence a few days between my posts!


mette said...

what did you sell? the stuff looks great! hope you survive the move and get a great home out of it. our place was chaotic for a long time but now it feels so much more like home :)

maria said...

Thank you:) I sold my handprinted bags and t-sirts. I can't wait until it feels like a home!!

Jan L. said...

Why no pictures of the two cute guys who were working at that same place with you and linnea?

Alice said...

glad you're back !!
hope you feel home soon :)
love that cloud shot :)

Cecilia Levy said...

hej maria, kul att hitta hit! såna där gröna krysantemum fick jag på min födelsedag – vi har tagit nästan identiska bilder!

maria said...

jo det stämmer! så kul ;) vi gav dem åt min mamma på morsdag!