Monday, 31 March 2008

The cathouse

My cat still didn't come back. Yesterday we decided to go to the cathouse where they take care of homeless and abandoned cats. Maybe someone found her and brought her there..Unfortunately the house was not open on Sundays.
There were cats everywhere looking through the windows. One window was open so they could go outside too.

People work there as volunteers.
The city wanted to tear the house down because its old and a bit ramshackled but people protested so hard that they had to let it be. Which was very good. What would happen with the cats otherwise?


gracia said...

I hope your cat returns... how very worrying for you. I have my fingers tightly crossed.

Great feline photos, too.

cheers, g

maria said...

Thank you so much for your support Gracia!

karin said...

Maria, that's not so good news. Hope you find her when the cathouse opens.

maria said...

Karin: I know:( it breaks my heart to not know where she is. thank you, I hope I find her!