Saturday, 26 January 2008

On the marketplace 5 a.m

This was part of a schoolproject I did last spring.
I wanted to catch the sunrise light but sadly it was too cloudy that morning.
It was anyway quite fun to get up that early just to dance and jump around outside with no shoes.
...but those people that also were up and saw me must have thought i'm a freak haha...good that I forced my sister to come with me:)

Have a nice Saturday!

Kill Pixie


rosanna said...

jo, de va jättekul, vi borde göra om de den här sommaren och då de inte e så molnigt.

maria said...

jo det måste vi!

karin said...

That's a nice story and a great photo. Like your link.

maria said...

thanks karin:)

ingridviola said...

ååh, fantastiskt! Vill också dansa på nån öppen plats :)

Maria said...

jo! gör det:)